1. Venus Is Rocking In The Cradle Of The Moon

  2. This Is The Moment

  3. Western Channel Of The Sky

  4. My Beating Heart

  5. You're My Friend

  6. Homespun

  7. All The Boys On Saturday

  8. Big Blue Sky

  9. I Will Remember

10. Florida

11. Long Day In The Sun

“This is definitely AOR/MOR fare done right.”  

                                                                    - Mark Tucker FAME                        

   Morning In New York, was a privately produced, limited-run CD released by Madvan Records. The recording was made in Nashville with Mark Keller, and some talented musician friends.

                                                                                    - Wendy  

   “Laura Nyro lives! I mean that as the highest compliment.

It is the sound of her voice that I find so haunting, the achingly beautiful voice of real experience. I’m bowled over by Wendy Webb.”

         - Jeff Klinkenberg, columnist for St. Petersburg Times


   "Wendy Webb's Moon On Havana is intelligent, complicated and above all musical. Webb sings with such emotional investment--jubilant, rueful, whatever she needs--that the listener has that rarest experience: of being swept away."

- Tom McGuane, Author, recipient of the Wallace Stegner

    Award, and member of the Academy of Arts and   Letters


   “ I was inspired to make this record after visiting Cuba, a place all about love and the longing for freedom. The songs on Moon On Havana are about my life and my experiences within that context.

All ten songs were recorded in a three day session, mostly first takes, in a seaside cabin on a Florida Indian mound built by contemporaries of the Maya. It’s an ancient place; a pre-Colombian complex of burial mounds, canals and a ceremonial plaza where, for more than two thousand years, people sang songs and told stories. At night alone, sitting at the piano, I felt a powerful connection to the people who built the mounds and who -- according to archaeologists -- fled to Havana in the late 1700s, only to vanish into extinction.

I decided to record in the same space where I had written the songs because I wanted the music and my performance to come alive, unadorned, to be a true representation of what I do. The music is not about an extinct people, it is the voice of my own solitude.

Long after midnight, as I wrote and recorded, it was energizing to know my music floated among the mounds, and could be heard on the dock that inspired the song 'In The Blue Light'. I think the music will speak for itself. ”

                                                                                      - Wendy



Collectors Limited Edition

Re-release CD, new artwork

& lyric booklet.

Edge Of Town - Engineering and Mixes by David Arnold

“When Wendy Webb approached me about working on her first solo album I was excited but definitely knew I had some challenges ahead of me.  The recordings would take place in a cabin on a two thousand year old Indian mound located on an island on Florida’s Gulf Coast.  I would be recording her in an unfamiliar space from my personal studio and in a room that was not acoustically perfect.  We utilized some of the best equipment on the market to capture these intimate and personal songs.  Everything from Hand Crafted German Microphones to Hand Built Class A Tube Preamps.  These tools gave us the detail and clarity needed to present her songs in the most pure form....”

                                                                            - David Arnold


  1. Shadows And The Fire

  2. I Love Only You

  3. Set Me Free

  4. Fantasia Extreme

  5. Morning In New York

  6. Paradise Street

  7. Summer

  8. Driving In A Dream

  9. Where The Gods Came

10. My Baby

11. This Highway

  1. The Way We Are

  2. Foolish Heart

  3. In The Blue Light

  4. Moon On Havana

  5. Rhythm Of Your Love

  6. My Country

  7. Nashville Can Wait

  8. Camden Town

  9. If You Were here Tonight

10. The Fall

  1. Falling For The Man

  2. Has To Be My Birthday

  3. It's October Again

  4. Edge Of Town

  5. The Wasteland

  6. Mystery Sign

  7. Beautiful baby

  8. Before I Run

  9. Your Heart And Mine

10. Arms Of America

  “ The angelic range and hard-grit soul of Wendy Webb’s voice rivals that of Emmy Lou Harris. Who would have thought that in our lifetime there would be another with a talent so pure.”

                                                             - Lorian Hemingway, author

“Platinum plated singer-songwriter AOR of the highest order, .."


                                             - Mike Davies, FATEA-RECORDS, UK

" This Is The Moment owns eleven gems and I emphazize

the word 'gem'. " ....

                                  - Alfons Maes (5), Keys & Chords, Belgium


  1. Talk To Me

  2. Step Out Of Line

  3. Freedom

  4. Destiny's Muse

  5. Mexico

  6. Camden Town

  7. Magician Holiness

  8. In The Night

  9. Girl From The North Country

10. Where Are We Going Now My Love

"Step Out Of Line is one of the best Americana albums of recent times…a must.”

- Muziekwereld, BENELUX